Magazine Style Paper


Magazine Style Paper Magazine style paper offer a timeless look, with pages that open much like a magazine. This style paper is available in two different materials. For both paper types, there is a:

• minimum of 30 pages

• maximum of 180 pages


Remember, “page” is synonymous with “side”!


Smooth Matte Magazine: Our Smooth Matte Magazine Style paper is delightfully soft and provides excellent detail. This 100# text weight paper contains 30% Post-Consumer recycled material. Note that since this paper has recycled content some pages may have some spots that you are not expecting.


Semi-Gloss Magazine: A lightweight version of the Layflat Semi-Gloss paper, the Semi-Gloss Magazine Style paper is subtly shiny and offers crisp, bright colors. This paper is also a 100# text weight paper.


Layflat Style Paper


Layflat style paper offers a modern look, allowing the pages of the book to lay flat when open. This style paper is available in four different materials. For all layflat style books, there is a:


• minimum of 20 pages

• maximum of 80 pages


Layflat Semi-Gloss: Super smooth and vibrantly white, the Layflat Semi-Gloss paper provides bright colors and sharp contrast in a 110# cover weight paper.


Layflat Smooth Matte: Offering a premium bright white color, the Layflat Smooth Matte is a thick 110# cover weight paper. This premier uncoated imaging substrate is actually the exact same paper that you know and love from our press cards.


Layflat Press Luster: Mimicking the texture of photographic Fuji Luster paper, the Layflat Press Luster paper is a 70# cover weight paper offering a unique look with crisp image reproduction and vivid colors.


Layflat Pearl: Our Layflat Pearl paper is a thick 110# cover weight paper. In fact, it is the exact same paper you have fallen in love with from our press cards — but with a hinge to make it perfect for adding a shimmering, pearlescent look to any book.


Layflat Felt: The Layflat Felt paper is beautifully textured, adding a sophisticated elegance to your book with its subtle artistic feel. In addition to wedding books, we recommend this 80# cover weight paper for guest books since it takes ink beautifully.


3x3, 5x4 Horizontal, & 5x5 Books


8x8 & 10x8 Horizontal Books


10x10, 8x10 Vertical, & 13x10* Horizontal Books


11x14 Vertical Books


Magazine Style Paper Price per Page


Smooth Matte & Semi-Gloss






Smooth Matte & Semi-Gloss






Layflat Style Paper Price per Page

Layflat Semi-Gloss






Layflat Smooth Matte & Press Luster






Layflat Felt & Layflat Pearl






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